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Great cooking class with Ann Marie and John!

Caponata,  Pasta alla Norma and Cannoli, talking about  the story of Bellini’s famous opera and listening Maria Callas.

Indeed, Norma is the little of a successful opera written in 1831 by the Catania-born composer Vincenzo Bellini. In those years it became common in local slang to describe anything perfect, hense comparable to Bellini’s music, as “Una Norma”.

Pasta with eggplants was already a consolidated Sicilian recipes, but one day, eating a particularly tasty dish of it, the dramatist Nino Martoglio exclaimed “CHISTA E’ ‘NA VERA NORMA”! (this is perfect!), and the name has stuck ever since.

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caponata cook on the lakesCaponata

pasta alla norma cook on the lakes Pasta alla Norma