Cook with me

I started cooking as a child with my grandmas who transmitted to me the knowledge and the passion of italian cuisine.

I had the luck of having four granparents from four different regions (Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Umbria and Lazio), each of one left me different recepies that need different ingredients and different techniques.

In the following years I became an architect specialised in building renovations.

I have been keeping my cooking passion alive by attending several cooking trainings in different fields (see CV) -bakery, fish meat, pastries, etc-.

Now here we are!
I’ll propose you an effective and funny way to learn italian cuisine throught a “hands-on” start, “from scratch” full immersion approach in small groups!
See you on the lake!!!

I hope you have not problems with cats! This is Gropy, she loves watching what we cook:))
Let me Know if you have some allergy to cat hair! Thanks!